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Welcome to Taiyuan!
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Taiyuan Cuisine

Taiyuan wheaten food is the most famous, wide in variety, history is long, the preparation method is different, dish yard is exquisite to water the head. Fry You noodle, hand-pulled noodles, cat ears, rub fish with the hands, bake man, red paste, shredded meat fry, pick sharp, planed noodle, fry hang-up, etc. fill with everything the You, with a unique characteristic.
Besides wheaten food, the local flavor food firsts elect the characteristic breakfast "Taiyuan head" (eight precious soup), "recognize " steamed dumpling while being other, Taigu cake, six smell spiced pork at the room, smelling liking and boil cake, Rui city slice, soup of sheep, gaoping boil bean curd, Pingyang Paopao cake, all worth a delicious food tasted. Lie in the food street of Taiyuan east corner of municipal government, it is a good place for tasting local delicacies. It is the antique building in the style of the ancients on the street both sides of one several hectometres long of this, spread all over various hotels, wine shop, dumpling halls, cool leather shop, cook the plum shop etc.. , it is emit snack at lying rice market street, there are various types of porridge, put rattan meat of the basket insert steamed bun, meat insert pastry such as cakes in willow neatly while being various types of steam not to have, make people envious. Morning, lie in bridgehead street clear and garden hotel you may taste the genuine "head".

Now introduce several kinds of cooked food , snack and fruit:

It is Taiyuan peculiar flavor breakfast, had a history of more than 300 years already. During will it be the Beginning of spring next year, original all Islamic hotel fall over each other to put out the head too from White Dew such as lunar calendar. The head is a kind of restortive food. Had another name called "eight precious soup", was formulated by Radix Astragali, simmered noodles, lotus dish, mutton, long Chinese yam, yellow wine, distiller's grains, sheep's tail oil, salt down fragrant-flowered garlic make guiding drug, eat often, beneficial to adjust yuan, promote blood circulation, invigorate the stomach, nourish deficient efficiency while being angry, eating the result from morning is better. Because Taiyuan people get up to wipe out the head too early years, call "catch up with head" too, need to hang lantern light, deal in hotel of head register for one paper lantern make sign in front of the door, this custom has been spreading so far all the time . "cap box" going with the food while drinking the head, is Taiyuan flavor local product too. The cap box is a kind of surface cake roasted, short and cylindrical, The middle is empty, add the mixture of salt and roast prickly ash to pinch into two slices of empty shells with the flour not fermenting, mix together, enter the stove to roast. Break "cap box" off with the fingers and thumb into small one while drinking the head, bubbles are able to bear chewing fragrantly in the head, have a distinctive flavour.

>>Red-and-white over oil meat
Batching: Select one Liang of red pork for use, chicken breast meat is one Liang, the number of the egg is a clear one, egg yellow half one, pig white oil eight money, soy sauce, vinegar, horse's hoof spring onions, garlic slice, Auricularia, water-soaked bamboo slices, the south continue, the end such as ginger, getting green vegetables respectively a little.
Method: Cut as five coin thick thin slice, mix red pork with egg yolk, powder paste thoroughly according to horizontal line, put the oil cauldron and fry completely to pull out; Cut chicken breast meat into a razor blade, mix thoroughly with the egg white, powder paste, put the warm oil cauldron and cross the oil to pull out. Wooden dipper leave a little oil, get fire tendency of adding, drip vinegar a bit in wooden dipper together pig, chicken, put in water colluding a juice on the bowl the wet powder a little soup-stock finally, water it into the wooden dipper, turn over and fry for two times. The meat characteristic of red-and-white over oil is fragrant and soft and soft, the color and luster is red and white.

>>Cross the oil meat
The materials: Lean pork taken from under the spinal column of a hog or ingot 0.1 of meat, slice, spend the egg yellow a half, powder paste mix thoroughly, other materials and method and red-and-white over oil meat. The characteristic of passing the oil meat is that the color and luster is golden yellow, fragrant and soft and soft .

>>Enema the Qiao
Select for use cold water dilute, steam, already can water stew in soy sauce cold to wipe out usually the Qiao, can cooked and fry to eat, wipe out with the mashed garlic. The enema characteristic is a muscle slippery favourable mouth Qiao, guides people deliciously.

>>You noodle
Select for use Shanxi wild goose the north the high and cold naked oats of district, use the dough made with boiling water of boiled water, the palm pushes away and makes, it is well done to eat for cage to steam, mix steamed mutton take, chili oil water hair, take muscle soft favourable mouth, aromatic to able to bear hungry, taste delicious.

>>Sheep mix cut soup
Select for use sheep liver, lung, stomach, intestines, heart, head meat, tendons of beef, mutton or pork boil and peel off, cut a fragment, put the bowl into while taking, water the mutton soup, put coriander, a little vinegar, salt, hot pepper, including soup and the meat, assail the nostrils differently and fragrantly, hot and delicious.

>>Pea cake
Select for use first-class pea peel, rub powder, add white sugar, dried persimmon, persimmon sugar, etc. raw materials to made, the characteristic is that the color and luster is yellowish, the favourable mouth of sweet silk floss, the cool food in summer, it is one of the famous local delicacies in Taiyuan city too.

>>Taiyuan millet cake
Taiyuan millet cake wide in variety, materials wide, steam, boil, bake, bake, bomb, fry, stick to preparation method fine and smooth to investigate, taste serious on salty sweet, color and luster serious on pure white, golden yellow. The famous variety has flower rose cakes, Grand Tutor's cake, a nest is crisp, fragrant-flowered garlic box, hawthorn cake, gold and silver one, shredded chicken one, multi-layer steamed bread, bloom steamed bun, bloom steamed stuffed bun, Kowloon dumpling, emerald plum slightly the jade, four like steamed dumpling, lily crisp, fried spring roll, coherent state cake, fermented bean curd roll, dough made with boiling water steamed dumpling, etc.

>>Taiyuan wheaten food
Various in style, history is long, the preparation method is unique, water head dish yard investigate, main variety have big hand-pulled noodles, planed noodle, set aside surface, pick sharp rolling surfacing, setting aside surfacing, seizing slice, cat ears, wipe surface, river suffer from waterlogging.
Hand-pulled noodles: Also called the big hand-pulled noodles, use hand hand-pulled noodles, softness, muscle one, able to bear chewing, mix with three kinds of delicacies harvest bittern, meat and vegetables fights bittern, have a special flavor, famous for suppressing the hand-pulled noodles of Pingdin county most in the middle of Jin.
Planed noodle: Use the planed noodle, making is simple, the method is unique, similar to the willow leaf, ripe and quick, eating the muscle soft favourable mouth, mix with various meat and vegetables water the head, break bittern or cook and fire, eat all well.
The knife sets aside the noodle: It is make with cold water, noodles prismatic, dial surface with the knife with one of both ends, take muscle to be soft and delicious, difficult adhesion, water and enter meat and vegetables water hair or fry, will do.
Pick sharp: Pick the noodle with the chopsticks. This kind of wheaten food is operated uniquly, the muscle is soft and delightful, easy to digest, mix heavy to fry meat, fried bean sauce, meat and vegetables play bittern is peculiar.
Cat's ears: Take finger little pieces of pieces of cat ears form proportionately, down in the boiled water pan boiling, mix various dozens of bittern, water the head, or eat frying, this kind of wheaten food form is esthetic, quite like cat's ears, the muscle is strong.
Wipe noodle: Flour that become reconciled being according to on wooden metal flat eyes grater, leak, down, fall into from grater boiled water boil on the pan, mix various and water the head, play bittern to eat, this kind of wheaten food is easy to chew, easy to digest, suitable for the bad person of old age and tooth to eat.
Seize slice: Piece become reconciled, roll and cut one more than wide piece in flakes, enter boiled water on the pan with hand stretches of one (magnitude the same as finger belly), mix various and water the head to eat after boiling. The wheaten food method is simple, take muscle slip, suitable for between twenty and fifty to wipe out.
The river suffers from waterlogging: The purpose-built river suffers from waterlogging in the bed to insert the noodle becoming reconciled, put into the pan. Wait for noodle press get certain length, spend one hundred sheets block from below noodles, mix various water head or play bittern eat boil. This each, easy and simple to handle, fast, suitable for the collective dining room to eat, it is eating the muscle slippery favourable mouth.
Set aside the fish: Until soft surface put on a plate, carry plate with one hand, credit with made of iron chopsticks or wooden chopsticks to pan down all alone, like the small fish jump in water. The pieces of soft silk floss slip, easy to digest, mix meat and vegetables water head or play bittern can be eaten.

>>Walnut-meat tin
It is Taiyuan city QingXu alcoholic drink famous product of factory too, have salty walnut-meat, amber walnut-meat, have obtained the products title of the quality award from the province.

>>Taiyuan yeast for making hard liquor
It is product of Taiyuan city Xuou wine factory, belong to the fragrant dachu. Have been appraised as the province trader of Shanxi and run the systematic quality product of industry, obtained the ministerial superior product title of the farming, animal husbandry and fishery in 1983.

>>Bamboo Leaf Green
Wine is the products of FenJiu wine, produced by the Limited Company of Fen Jiu factory of the Xinghua Village of Shanxi, it is long to make history. Bamboo Leaf Green regards Fen Jiu as raw materials, mix with more than ten kinds of Chinese medicinal materials such as dried orange peel, Fructus Amomi, Chinese angelica, fragrant, common cloves, Radix Aucklandiae, purple white sandalwood of an imperial tomb through being pale blue, the leaf of the bamboo, crystal sugar were soaked, alcohol content is 45 degrees. Normal product Bamboo Leaf Green repeated test qualified to list through 120 process, color and luster is dark green sparkling and crystal-clear and transparent, have with the stomach.

>>Sea-buckthorn delicious wine
It is a kind of high nutrition and high-grade sweet fruit wine that Qing Xulu alcoholic drink factory produced, it is a kind of advanced beverage wine. The second national sea-buckthorn product quality compared and assessed and obtained the award of the golden cup in 1987.

>>Fen Jiu
It is Chinese liquor that the Fen Jiu factory of the Xinghua Village of Shanxi produced, start to make in the era in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, that was more than 1500 years ago. Fen Jiu "entry silk floss , sweet to fall mouth, have enough and to spare frarance after drinking", with color, bad smell, fragrant to 3 famous for definitely, it is one of eight major famous brands of wine of our country. Have got the first-class wining gold medal at international fair in Panama in 1916. After new China is established, obtain gold medal award that the State Council awards, marketing more than 40 countries and regions many times.

>>Rice of the Jinsi
It is produce in Taiyuan Jinsi area, Shanxi high-quality variety of rice. This kind of rice is sparkling and crystal-clear and plump, semitransparent in shape, cream-coloured and a little brown. Make meal come on particle to be clearly demarcated, fragrance overflows. Produce the Jinsi shrine paddy field of rice, the Jinsi shrine difficult for old spring to irrigate the fields, contain many kinds of minerals.

>>QingXu's grape
It is produced in Taiyuan Qingxu county, there is laudatory title of "township of the grape" here. QingXu's grape has had history of cultivating of more than 1,000 years, the grape is best in quality, delicious and fragrant and sweet, high in candy. QingXu's grape has more than 50 varieties now, the most famous ones are white bottle, black heart, 3 kinds purple longans, among them the white bottle grape is best.

>>Original flat pear
The main variety has pears in summer - The cover pear, oil pear of a autumn - -Perfume pear, yellow pear, just pear, petals of sub pear, etc.. Its characteristic is big, the cover is thin, water is much, fragrant and sweet, has no dreg, the pear is especially crisp in summer, the oil pear smell is fragrant and strong . Original flat pear plant history is long, store time to be long, can store for six or seven months when being ripe generally.

>>Shanxi mature vinegar
The mature vinegar is produced in the QingXu county, it is one of four major famous vinegars in our country. The mature vinegar color and luster is purple-black and clear, sour alcohol of smell is strong, also have sweet, silk floss, fragrant, sour, does not precipitate, the longer store, the denser with storing the characteristic is not rotten for a long time. The mature vinegar is not merely Flavoring agent, and available for medicine, have certain curative effect and prevent function on hypertension, hepatitis, dermatosis.

>>The cake of Mengfeng
The cake is traditional famous food in Qingxu county Mengfeng village, with a long standing reputation with the fragrant, crisp, soft, sweet, cool characteristic. Taste people of it, called the cakes good merchantable brand all without exception. The cake formulate on Qing Guangxu 10 years, that was more than 100 years ago.

>>Six flavor room spiced pork
It is famous food in Taiyuan. plain with getting fat oiliness, getting thin firewood, soft and fresh and fragrant delicious and delicious famous for inside and outside the provincing of city too. In 1982, the salted pork leg rolls of six flavor rooms was chosen as the quality product by Ministry of Commerce.

>>Plum slightly (cook wheat)
Taiyuan famous local delicacies too, roll with a purpose-built one and cane play, shape like plum blossom, the tooth cheek keeps fragrant and is famous for Shanxi after the food.

>>Egg distiller grains
Taiyuan city honour luxuriant garden Haizi side egg with a long standing reputation distiller grains of snack counter too, "the distiller grains king by Haizi, the good wine is not so strong as distiller grains to spread so far.

>>Taiyuan dried beancurd
It is one of the province of Shanxi famous "three beancurd", as far back as Song Dynasty being already famous, history of more than 800 years so far. This product is developed by "Taiyuan dried bean curd". This kind of beancurd is finly and smoothly.

>>Gold and silver date
It is some of traditional name in Taiyuan city, history is long. Bomb and make good gold and silver and date, the yellow words spoken by an actor from offstage outside, crisp and not having hard heart, delicious and fragrant and sweet.

>>Islamic and assorted a bit thinner
It is begin with the mere thread of palace of Qing Dynasty for 20 years, the materials are meticulous, the batching is rigorously enforced, decoration is esthetic, welcomed by the masses of consumers. Complete pastry insert candy cake, peach crisp, iron bread filling, get up suitcase filling 4 major kinds of composition. The specification is neat, agreeably sweet, novel and esthetic .

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